What is a CSA?  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) connects residents with farmers. This provides farmers with security in what they grow and provides residents access to high quality, fresh produce or eggs grown locally.

See below for this season’s offers!  

To Sign up visit…. https://squareup.com/store/forestdale-farm .


2023 GardenShare

About the GardenShare:
Our GardenShare is a vegetable garden starts CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program which provides organic, locally grown starts for home gardeners, school gardens, and community gardens. Because of the short growing season and unpredictable weather, it can be difficult to grow in Flagstaff. However, healthy, locally grown garden starts make a world of difference. We have had lots of success with certain varieties and different planting techniques and are excited to share what we have learned! We have been growing starts successfully on the farm since 2012.
What you will get:
We will provide over 25 varieties of vegetable, herb, and edible flower starts (40+ total plants per share) distributed from May-June. All seeds are certified organic with an emphasis on heirloom and open pollinated varieties. This includes cool and warm season crops. Extra starts and seeds for direct sowing will be available for purchase as well. We will also have garden supplies available such as potting mix, compost, frost cloth, etc at each pick up. We will be available to answer questions and share our experiences during the season.
Early Sign Up (sign up before March 2023): $120
Cost: $130
About the growing space:
We have designed our growing space with efficient and sustainable production in mind. We mix all of our potting mix at the farm utilizing sustainable materials such as coconut coir and follow organic growing practices. In addition, garden starts are grown with water conservation in mind. We water from rainwater collected from our hoop-houses and plants are placed on self-draining tables which allow excess water from seedling tables to drain back into the main tanks to be reused for watering.
Pick up: Pick up will be at Forestdale Farm (less than 5 miles from downtown). Share dates will be from May-June as appropriate for each variety and current weather patterns/forecasts.

2023 Produce ShareForestdale Farm’s Produce Share (Salad and Cooking greens CSA,  grown organically and sustainably)

About our Produce Share
This CSA is primarily greens (salad, cooking, microgreens) but will also consist of root crops and the occasional warm season crop (beans, cucumbers, squash, etc).  We offer a wide variety of greens for the share, focusing on different tastes, textures and nutritional value. All greens are grown organically and sustainably. Each share consists of a weekly pick up for 10 consecutive weeks–you pay $10 for approximately $15 worth of greens a week! Cost: $130 per 10 weeks or $360 for the  entire 30 weeks season).

Early Sign Up (sign up before March 2023) : $120  (10 weeks) or $350 for the season (30 weeks).
Cost: $130 (10 weeks) or $360 for the season (30 weeks).

Dates of Produce Shares:
Early season share……………April 30th – July 9nd
Mid season share……………..July 10rd-September 17th
Late season share…………….September 18th – November 26th

Pick up:
Weekly at the Flagstaff Community Market on Sundays 8a-12p (when in season).  Or at Forestdale Farm, 455 Beech Drive (less than 5 miles from downtown) Monday-Saturday at our self-serve CSA farmstand open during daylight hours.

Some of the greens we will be growing:
-Lettuce mixes, Spinach, Kale, Chard, Brussel sprouts greens, Broccoli greens, Arugula, Mizuna, Mustards, Tatsoi, Amanranth, Lambsquater, Orach, Purslane, Watercress, Microgreens/shoots:
(sunflower, radish, buckwheat, pea, brassicas, nasturtium, etc). Plus much more and other seasonal produce!

2023 EggShare: Forestdale Farm’s EggShare: (Fresh chicken eggs CSA, Organic and sustainable)

About our chickens:
Our birds have open access to water, shelter, sunshine and fresh air. Aside from foraging and having plenty of access to produce from the farm, these birds are fed certified organic feed. In addition we will have occasional eggs from another Flagstaff grower who also raises happy chickens that are fed certified organic feed with plenty of room for foraging.

EggShare Details
15 dozen eggs. Eggs will be stored in a refrigerator inside our self-serve farmstand at the farm (just 4mi from downtown), and can be picked up as needed and at the convenience of the shareholder. There is a checkout sheet to keep track.  Some people prefer to pick up two dozen eggs at a time to cut down on driving time. If you are out of town or can’t make it for a few weeks, no problem, the eggshare will not expire and you are guaranteed 15 dozen eggs per share! At the first pick up we will meet with you and show you how our self-serve farmstand works. At the end of your EggShare you can sign up for another one if desired.

Cost: $130

Dates of EggShares:  Year round

Pick up: Forestdale Farm 455 Beech Drive (Just 5 miles from downtown).



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